Russian Empire

The Russian Empire (also known as Russia) was an empire that existed from 1721 until it was overthrown by the short-lived February Revolution in 1917.

It is a function of their myopic passion that they think of the Russian Empire as a pawn in their game. The Chechen Grievance: Tolstoy’s ‘Hadji Murad’ After

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The Russian Empire stretched from the Baltic Sea and eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean, and during its nearly two-hundred-year history (1721–1917), it was ruled

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This Russian Empire Timeline gives a brief overview of key events during the history of the Russian Empire, with a particular focus on its expansion and conflicts

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To understand the complex history of Jews in Russia, one must begin with a fundamental distinction, often effaced in the historiography and popular memory, between

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Napoleon ’s invasion of Russia in 1812 was a disaster. The campaign started well as Napoleon and his Grande Armée pushed into Russia and even briefly occupied Moscow.

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The military history of the Russian Empire encompasses the history of armed conflict in which the Russian Empire participated. This history stretches from its

Peter the Great officially proclaimed the existence of the Russian Empire in 1721. The Russian Empire was a natural successor to the Tsardom of Russia.

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Russian Empire a monarchical, estate-based multinational state existing from the early 18th to the early 20th century. It was formed from the centralized Russian

The Russian Empire, also called Imperial Russia, was a country which was located in Europe as well as Asia. It started in 1721 when Peter I of Russia proclaimed it.

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